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How to install the Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touchscreen

Please see the illustration below on the proper way to install the Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touchscreen. Orientation of the screen is also key, please read on below to the FAQ’s.

Raspberry Pi Screen Wiring

Touchscreen FAQ’s

It keeps not working at boot, or getting stuck while using it There’s a bug in the touchscreen that’s been fixed in the latest release of Raspbian. Type the command below in the console to upgrade your drivers.

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install --reinstall libraspberrypi0 libraspberrypi-{bin,dev,doc} raspberrypi-bootloader sudo reboot

Whoops my screen is upside-down!

Note: An update has been pushed to Raspbian to flip the screen ( rotate it by 180 degrees ) for a better desktop viewing angle. This makes it upside-down in our stand, so you’ll need to change a setting to flip it back.

*You cannot be booted to the device and edit this file as it is the “boot” configuration file. To do this, open config.txt in your favorite editor on another computer or Pi and add the line below:



2 thoughts on “How to install the Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touchscreen

  1. Hi can not get my pi touch screen to come on when I plug the power in a small red led comes on and I got a new desodering station the vac pump don’t work I opened it up some one has cut one of the power wires to motor I fixed it do I need to plug a HDMI monitor to pi and set it up also I have two wires left in display kit I used red and black only

    1. Will,

      It appears that either you have the ribbon cable reversed or you do not have the power and ground wires hooked up correctly. What model of Pi are you attaching the screen to?



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